Executive Level Solution

Brand Excellence that's Customer Focused

"The difference between your business and your competitor is the customer experience"

"Your success is our business"

"Excellence is not a skill it's a way of living"

"Setting the bar with every contact"

Who We Are

Our passion is to provide exceptional customer service that yields an experience of Excellence.

We are a diverse team of individuals with varying expertise that coalesce into a solution to gain Excellence.

Collaborating with executive levels to guide discussions on priorities by asking the right questions, providing the best solutions, and exceeding customers expectations in Excellence.

Offering services unique to every customer and client's business objectives by identifying their need and visions to achieve Excellence.

Bridging the gap on any critical issues and processes creating a roadmap for a seamless client experience in Excellence.

Our umbrella of experience, network, and customer relations with fortune 100 and 500 companies provides diverse, strategic, and relevant insights that drive organizations toward Excellence.


By Branding Excellence, it teaches empowerment and builds lasting connections while economically impacting communities.

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Branding to excellence is assisting executives with executing their visions. Executive Level Solution will walk out your vision from beginning to end ensuring all levels of communications, collaboration and transactions are done in excellence. We keep the vision alive throughout the organization by recognizing customers are internal as well as external. We recognize providing excellence goes beyond the customers initial point of contact it encompass the entire experience. Providing this level of service transforms customers to consumers.

After a thorough collaboration and assessment, we complete a 360 overview of your enterprise. Executive Level Solution then offers the best path to execute the vision while maintaining authenticity and integrity.

The Black Diamond Certification will offer superior customer service to excel your brand along with additional tools and resources to employees at all levels. Customer Relation Training is strategic to an organization day to day operations. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of both our client and their customers. Our goal is to strengthen and preserve the brand image and its core values.

Customer Relations Training
Customer Relations Training provides the necessary customer service coaching and development to empower your employees and their customers using interpersonal and soft skills.
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  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Internal Organzation
  • Digital Media Communication
Swivel Chair Training
Swivel Chair is reducing the learning curve by being trained at an accelerated pace freeing up resources to allow business objectives to be met.
Swivel Chair
  • Learn/Train/Execute
  • Anchor
  • Nesting
  • Coaching/Support


Financial Paramedics Company wasn’t using customer service processes for our clients. We also did not have any formal training material or guide. Executive Level Solution assessed our business and created the necessary training manuals for all new hires and existing employees.
They also trained all employees on customer service etiquette and developed a customer service package. After allowing Executive Level Solution to provide their services our brand has improved in customer satisfaction and increase our clientele.

- Essence, Financial Paramedics Co.

Before working with Executive Level Solution, Gifted Hands was operating with limited business structure. After assessing my needs and identifying the problem, they offered several solutions that now allow me to see the structure of my business. They stepped in to offer administrative assistance while creating my processes and documents. They dismantled impeded processes and bridged gaps creating a stress-free solution for me and a seamless experience for the customer.

- Tina, Gifted Hands